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Even when you think you’ve got everything covered, don’t hesitate to ask for a hand! Talking about your own difficulties can be quite tough at any stage of life and it certainly doesn’t get easier after a baby arrives. It’s normal if you feel awkward when asking for help. But, attempting to handle through baby care alone can make you overwhelmed. No worry, we spoke to moms and experts about every way you can use to find help as a new parent. Read on to know our top 10 easy ways new parents can ask for help.

Clarify What You Need

Because of the parenthood transition, most new parents don’t always think with perfect clarity. Whether it’s changing diapers or cleaning your child’s mess, you might feel shadowed by a vague cloud of to-dos. In order to get the most helpful assistance, you should try cutting through the chaos with a simple writing activity. A list or journal can be an effective way to note what’s really going on in your mind. And, once you have identified your need, you can think about how to communicate it. Also, you can sort it into categories of highest to lowest priority to make things even easier. Keeping a list on hand won’t just help you sort through your thoughts, it’ll give direction for others.

Don’t Afraid to Follow Up

Sometimes reaching out once is even hard enough. And, doing it a second time can feel even more uncomfortable. So, when the friend who said she’d clean for you don’t show, you might feel a bit timid about following up. Don’t be, you deserve to be cared for! It is disheartening to have your needs ignored, especially when you’re nursing a baby. Persist in seeking to meet your needs, whatever they may be. If your spouse is unresponsive, you should look at your family or close friends.

Try Supportive Online Platforms

Nowadays, there are plenty of apps and websites intended to help new parents. So, you may consider letting one of them digitize your baby-related needs. Sometimes, online communications might even be the best way of staying on the same page with your partner, especially if you have busy schedules or going back to work. We would recommend using Google’s Keep or SignUpGenius. In addition to the physical help, it’s really nice to get some social interaction during this time.

Choose Someone to Delegate for You

If you feel self-conscious about reaching out, how about having someone who can make requests for you. Our advice would be to go through a good friend or family member that can make things happen so you don’t have to worry about imposing. We all have that one family member who won’t hesitate to speak their mind.

Use Social Media Wisely

10 easy ways new parents can ask for help

As you’ve probably known, social media can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. This is true it comes to feeling supported after the baby’s arrival. Yes, social media is a good place to find support from other new moms and actually to connect with parent groups and other resources in their community. However, you don’t need to broadcast your needs or depend too much on those platforms. Posting private information on social media can feel extremely vulnerable. And, you don’t need added pressures of people you don’t know or trust their comments on your business.

Outsource Your Needs

If you have no one to help right now, luckily hiring strangers to do it instead is easier than ever nowadays. Sites or apps like Task Rabbit will let you search a database of people who want nothing more than to help you out with household tasks for a reasonable price. And yes, they have to pass background checks first. So, don’t hesitate to find one if you need help fast!

Try a Support Group

10 easy ways new parents can ask for help

It might be easier to share burdens with those outside your immediate circle. Try to join a parent support group. These types of groups can be found for every new-parent issue from breastfeeding to babywearing. Remember! It never hurts to spend time with people in the same boat as you. And, you also never know what helpful doors a support group might open!

Reach Out to a Professional

10 easy ways new parents can ask for help

Whether it’s a lactation consultant, pediatrician, or family therapist, having a professional on your side is more important than you think. With certain health issues, sometimes your friends and family can provide the probable help. Psychology Today is a great resource if a new mom is unsure where to look. And, for questions about baby care or feeding, don’t hesitate to check in with your baby’s doc.

Rely on the Kindness of Strangers 

People are always willing to help if you ask them nicely enough! There’s a time and place, especially when you are struggling, simply asking for help from a stranger might be the only solution for your problem. Use your eye contact and a smile so that the person knows you’re looking directly at them. And, just by a few questions or even none, you will have someone to give you a hand. 

Take with Your Partner More Frequently

The trickiest conversation of all about getting the help you need may be the one with your partner. In this relationship, it’s important to communicate honestly and at the right moment. You should pick a time to discuss your needs when both of you two are in a relaxed mood. Make sure you ask your partner if it’s a good time to discuss before jumping into it. Once you’ve had an initial conversation, don’t stop! Remember that communicating about your problems doesn’t need to be a one-time conversation, perhaps it can continue for a few days.

Being a parent requires extreme amounts of energy and fortitude. And,  it can be tough to admit we can’t do it all on our own, especially in some cultures that value self-reliance. However, new parenthood is a time of major adjustment, and there’s no shame in communicating your needs. So, it’s absolutely okay if you’re not able to deal with them at the moment.

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