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We all know that spending time with your kids is essential, especially in their first few years. However, you might run out of ideas for fun activities to play with them. So, here are 8 toddler activities for you and your child to do at home.

Clean-Up Time

Sometimes after 12 months of making messes, your child would start to like helping their parents clean up. You might notice that your kid has been watching you do it for a while and now they want to express that they can help. So, after finishing a meal or playing games, show your toddler how to clean and you two can do it together. This activity will give your toddler an early cleaning habit, which will make your life way easier in the future. A cleanup song will also make the experience more fun for them.

Treasure Boxes

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There’s something very fascinating about ordinary objects in a box at this age that only kids know. You only need a box, then fill it with a “treasure” which are just everyday items. Sometimes the treasures can be a certain type of objects like an apple that you want to make your kids interested in early, such as letters or numbers. Plus, remember to make noises by shaking the box to draw their attention.

At first, this activity is used with babies as a way for them to explore different objects. But, we find it still works really great for older kids too. And, as your child gets older, a box with some type of clasp or lock is a great way to make this activity a little bit more challenging.


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The sensory nature of playdough allows toddlers to be naturally curious and explore the world around them by using their hands. It not only has educational benefits but it is also a super fun activity. Although playdough is a non-toxic material, it’s not supposed to be eaten, especially when your toddler was just introduced to solid foods.

Homemade Ball Pit

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What you are doing is making a smaller version of a ball pit with household items. You need a large storage container that is large enough for your kids to play inside. Now, you just need to fill it with plastic balls, pom poms (the larger ones), or anything similar to that. This is very convenient for you because the mess will stay more contained inside the “pit”.

You might wonder what if they throw everything out. Well, after a couple of times your toddler will know that things are supposed to stay in the container. And, if they throw anything out, make your child know that they have to come out. No matter what, stuff will get on your floor. But, we are sure it’s worth it for engaging play.

Cardboard House

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Never underestimate the power of a cardboard box. And, thanks to online shopping, you probably have at least one in your basement right now. So, what you need is to open one side up, and there you have it, an instant house for your toddler. On top of that, you should cut some holes on the sides of the box to make windows, your kid will love it. Also, putting pillows or stuffed animals to make it more comfortable.

Window Paint

For this activity, you’ll take some kids’ paint and put them into a Ziploc bag. Then, you need to tape it to a window or glass door. Your little one can then smush the paint around inside of the bag. Yes, you can do this on a wall but the window can illuminate the paint a little differently. With this activity, your toddler probably needs to be modeled first. Show your little ones how to smush the paint and how to make new colors.

Sink Water Play

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You probably remember how intriguing it is to play with toys in the sink when you were a kid. You can place a plastic bin in the sink or just close the pop-up in your sink then fill it with water. Adding some toys if your kid wants.

learning tower would be great for your toddler to stand safely. It’s a little bit of an investment, but you can use it multiple times every day. If you don’t have a learning tower then you could try doing it in the bathtub.

Do you have any other fun activities for toddlers? Let us know how fun it is in the comments!

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