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Babies love being toted around by their mom or dad. Therefore, totting might be the most effective way to calm a fussy baby. But, if you have chores or other things to do, it’s near impossible to carry your baby and do it at the same time. That’s where a baby carrier comes in handy. A carrier provides the ability to have your hands-free so you still can do daily tasks while your baby’s resting against you. However, deciding which type of carrier is perfect for your baby can take a lot of time. So, today we’re going to talk about one of the best baby wraps you might have heard about, which is Baby K’tan Wrap. Read on to find out if the Baby K’tan Wrap is the right baby wrap you need.

The Baby K’tan Wrap is a perfect solution for carrying newborns and babies. And, since this wrap has a unique design that doesn’t require complicated tying makes it become a great choice for new parents. Moreover, this wrap is also renowned for it’s comfortable and safe support for babies.

Functional Features

Baby K’tan Wrap

If you get confused using the traditional carrier, then with Baby K’tan Wrap you can forget about all your worries. Baby K’tan Wrap has a double-loop design that is connected with a tiny loop. This wrap’s design makes it very convenient for you to wear. First, you just need to put it on like a necklace then you put your arms to each loop. Make sure you spread it on nicely for more comfort. Also, having 2 loops helps to distribute your weight more evenly on your shoulders.

On top of that, adjusting the Baby K’tan Wrap is also very simple. There is a small loop on the back that you can use to adjust your baby’s position if they are sitting too high or too low.

There is also a simple additional sash that you can tie around you and your baby to provide more baby’s body support if needed. The sash also converts to a carry bag which is very useful for storing your baby essential or the wrap itself. The Baby K’tan Wrap only takes a little space in your diaper bag, so don’t hesitate to bring it with you when you go out with your baby.

Comfort Features

This baby carrier slips on like a t-shirt. Again, thanks to the double-loop design, you won’t have to deal with any buckles or rings. Plus, tucking your baby is as easy as wearing it. Each position only takes you a minute to do. With the Baby K’tan Wrap, you can experience the comfort of not having to untie anything to take it off you or your baby, which not many carriers can provide.

The Baby K’tan Wrap is made of cotton fabric, making it easier to stretch and fit your baby’s size in the process. Also, it comes with double fabric which allows your baby to rest and safely support from the head to hip. In fact, the Baby K’tan Wraps are approved as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Therefore, you will not need to worry about stretching your baby’s hips, especially during the first few months. Plus, the Baby K’tan Wrap promotes healthy hips development and helps prevent hips dysplasia. Another comfort is when you carry your baby for a long period the warp doesn’t strain your shoulders and neck that much.

Versatile Performance

A great thing about Baby K’tan Wrap is suitable for your baby from birth. It can support your infant’s body without putting any pressure on their delicate spine and hips.

Moreover, this wrap offers more positions than most parents usually expect! You can freely choose to carry your baby on your front (facing inward or outward) or on your hip, depending on your preferences, as well as your baby’s age. There are 5 different carrying positions, which are very easy to do thanks to detailed pictorial instructions included with the carrier.

You may be thinking that the Baby K’tan Wrap will serve you only in a short period of time, but you don’t have to worry about that! This baby carrier is suitable for up to 35 pounds. Therefore, parents can use it for more than 1 to 2 years without any problems.

Unlike other carriers, the Baby K’tan Wrap Comes in sizes. According to many moms getting the sizing right is quite tricky. But, if you get the proper size the wrap is very comfortable to wear and snuggles your baby tightly. In order to make it easier for you, we suggest you check their official website before buying one. There are a lot of useful tips on how to choose the right size that will help you a lot.

Comparison Different Versions of Baby K’tan Wrap

Baby K’tan Wrap is available in 5 different versions which differ in fabric type. And, keep in mind that all some upgrade models cost a little bit more. But, weight capacity and a number of carrying positions are the same for each one.

  • Baby K’tan Original is made of 100% cotton. The fabric is natural and very stretchy. However, it doesn’t offer UVA protection and wick moisture away. Although it has the lowest price of all, most parents still enjoy this one the most because it basically provides everything they want from a baby carrier.
  • Baby K’tan Breeze is also made of 100% cotton. And, according to many parents, it’s less stretchy than the Original. The fabric is similar to The Original, which doesn’t feature UVA Protection or moisture-wicking.
  • Baby K’tan Active is made of 100% Polyester (not natural fabric), making it feel silky. Also, it provides UVA protection and wicks the moisture away.
  • Baby K’tan Organic is made of 100% organic cotton. The fabric is natural and very soft. But, it doesn’t have any UVA protection feature or moisture-wicking.


Most parents are satisfied with Baby K’tan Wrap and say it feels very secure. It snuggles your baby nicely and works perfectly for soothing as well as putting your baby to sleep. The Baby K’tan Wrap is also a great choice for moms who have C-section because it doesn’t put pressure on the incision area. 

With only a little practice you can put on and position your child easily. Also, the Baby K’tan Wrap is machine washable and dryer safe. Plus, it offers 5 wearable positions but only has a very considerable price. Generally, this wrap has less fabric than other competitors, making it lighter for you to carry or pack.


Despite having many amazing features, the Baby K’tan Wrap still has a few drawbacks. The double layers of fabric across your body might make you feel a bit hotter after a while, especially in warm weather. And, because of the sizing, it may be impossible to share this wrap with other caregivers unless they have the same body type and size.

The Baby K’tan Wrap is a thoughtful carrier for new mothers. It provides bonding with your baby. Plus, this baby carrier is a great choice if you need a carrier that offers multiple positions and can be easily used from birth. Do you think The Baby K’tan Wrap is perfect for you and your baby? Or, do you have any questions about this product? Let us know in the comments!

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