Everything about Sleeping Positions During pregnancy

Dec 10 , 2020

Doan Khanh

Everything about Sleeping Positions During pregnancy

You will need a good night's sleep more than ever during pregnancy. Unfortunately, it's also harder to get in this time. Your body will go through a lot of changes when you are pregnant. That might cause your regular sleeping positions to no longer work for you. So, finding and adapting the right sleep position isn't easy! So, read on to know what sleeping positions are safe and tips for comfortable sleeping during pregnancy.

Lying Down on Your Stomach

Lying on your belly is fine

Well, this might sound silly but if your favorite position is tummy-down, then that’s okay! The fact is lying on your stomach in the early days of pregnancy is unlikely to cause any harm to your unborn baby. At least it’s until your baby bump makes it uncomfortable or impossible. At that point, you’ll have to switch positions.

Sleeping on Your Back 

Is sleeping on your back is totally safe?

This position is probably the most common and look harmful one. However, experts recommend pregnant women to avoid sleeping on the back during the second and third trimesters because this position rests the entire weight of the growing uterus and baby on your back, your intestines and your vena cava, the main vein that carries blood back to the heart from your lower body. This pressure can aggravate backaches and hemorrhoids and make digestion less efficient, interfere with circulation, and possibly cause low blood pressure. However, don't worry if you find yourself sleeping in a different position when you wake up at night. In that case, just change to a different sleeping position. Make sure you avoid that sleeping on your back during pregnancy for prolonged periods of time.

Sleeping on Your Side

During the second and third trimesters, sleeping on either side is ideal for you and your baby. This position allows for maximum blood flow and nutrients to the placenta, meaning less pressure on the vena cava and enhances kidney function. But, you might wonder which side is better. That leads us to the final question which is “What is the best sleeping position during pregnancy?”.

Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Best sleeping position is to sleep on your left side

The safest sleeping position for pregnant women is to sleep on your left side, which is a position that supports optimal circulation when you are passed the first trimester. Sleeping on your left side helps increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. Remember to keep your legs and knees bent. Also, put a pillow between your legs to relieve the stress on your back.

Doing this all the time may not sound completely comfortable, especially if you are used to sleeping on your back or your right. But, just give it a try. You may find that it works perfectly. Plus, keep in mind that not staying in one position all night or rotating is totally fine.

Tips for Comfortable Sleeping

Whether you are not used to lying on your side or have always been a side-sleeper, it is difficult to find that comfortable while sleeping during this time. So, here are a few tips to tackle pregnancy sleep problems and get yourself comfy in the side sleeping position:

  • Use more pillows. You should try crossing one leg over the other and putting one pillow between them for more comfort. Also, add another pillow behind your back or any other combination that helps you sleep.
  • Get a special pillow or pregnancy pillow. If only normal pillows didn’t work, try using a wedge-shaped pillow or a full-body pregnancy pillow.
  • Prop yourself up. In case none of that works, if you have a recliner, try sleeping in a semi-upright position instead of sleeping on your bed.

Keep in mind, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable for a few nights or even a few weeks. Your body will adjust to the new position in no time. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments!