Top 10 Best Board Games For Kids

Dec 10 , 2020

Doan Khanh

Top 10 Best Board Games For Kids

A good way to keep your kids away from using smartphones or playing video games is having fun board games for them. Today, we’ve rounded up the latest board games on the market that are praised by many families. The following board games for kids are not only good enough for you to actually enjoy playing it with your child but they’re also the perfect stepping stone to the grown-up versions that you really want them to play. Read on to see our top 10 best board games for kids.

Scrabble Junior Game

$13 on Amazon

The difference between this version of Scrabble and the original is that this one allows kids to play even if they’re still learning how to spell. There are 2 sides of the board. One side allows you to spell words that are already printed on it. And, the opposite side, similar to normal scrabble games, is where your kids can make up their own words (each letter is worth 1 point). Having 2 options means this game is fun for a huge range of age groups. While over 10-year-old children can enjoy the challenge of the game, small children who are learning how to read can still enjoy the spelling part. This game only reinforces your kid reading abilities but also a good introduction to sight words.

Mouse Trap Board Game

$23 on Amazon

Although assembling this game can take you a few minutes. We're sure that you and your child can enjoy putting every piece together because it’s very easy to do. Your kids will enjoy building the mousetrap almost as much as they watch the balls running through the game’s ‘Rube Goldberg’ setup. This game is especially great for kids who like something more hands-on and interactive. The whole game is extremely well made and the board accommodates with plastic trap pieces very snugly. Treat this gently and it should last for years! This board game is suitable for kids from 6 years old and it requires 2 to 4 players to play. Also, you can try many different variations of this game with your kids to shake things up a little bit.

Jax Sequence

$18 on Amazon

With over 3000 five-star reviews, Sequence is described by many parents as easy to learn even for young children. While some people say it’s a bit of bingo and poker combined, others love this because it is like a mix of mixed checkers, tic-tac-toe, and rummy mixed. Regardless of how the game is described, the highlight of this game is how much fun it is to play with the whole family. It’s the perfect match between a card game and a board game, allowing fans of each to come together and enjoy hours and hours of quality time.

Ticket to Ride

$43 on Amazon

There’s enough strategy in it that you can make or break your game on your own merits, but there’s also enough element of chance. On top of that, the strategy isn’t too deep so younger kids can enjoy it too. The board is set up like a map of the United States, and each person is given routes that they have to complete. You get points for completing your route, or you lose those points if you don’t get them. It’s rated for ages 8 and up, but young kids still can pick it up quite easily. All of which are super fun to play, and they only take about an hour to complete, making it perfect for any evening.

Sorry! Game

$18 on Amazon

Another classic game, Sorry! is a hit thanks to its simple but incredibly fun game play. We are sure that your kid will know how to play it after just 1 game. The best part of the game is just the satisfaction when you can kick your opponent's pawn out of the game and make them start over again. Also, there’s an opportunity for counting and reinforcing rote memory with not many pieces to hang onto. Even though it’s rated for ages 6 and up, many kids from 4 years old can still play the game without any issues. Overall, this is the perfect game for kids and adults to play together! 

Ravensburger Labyrinth

$25 on Amazon

The fun of this game is that the board changes a bit with each game since the walls always move. It has so much replayability since it’s never really the same each time you and your kids play. The objective is to work your pawn around the game board to the assigned treasure. However, it doesn’t stop there because each turn players have the ability to change the board and the path. So, you will have to choose either finding a way for you or blocking others. Moreover, there’s no reading needed to play the game, no counting, no questions to answer. So, it won’t take long for your kid to learn how to play this one. Simply, if your kid enjoys games that require some strategy and include a fantasy aspect, this is a perfect choice!

No Stress Chess

$13 on Amazon

If you’re looking for a way to introduce chess to your kid without seeing chess pieces being thrown off the board or making them bored because they get frustrated, then this is the game you need. That’s because No Stress Chess contains a full chess set, intended to help teach the rules and strategies of the game with the use of an included deck of cards. Even on the first game that you two play, your kid can understand the concepts of this game quite easily thanks to the card system that this set uses. Within a few games, your kid will be confident enough to play without the cards. Although your child still has a way to go, this set will allow them to enjoy chess, rather than be frustrated and quit learning the old-fashioned way!

Catan 5th Edition

$43 on Amazon

Settlers of Catan is intended for older kids and adults, with a suggested age range of 10 and up. The game involves strategy, making trade deals, and there are many ways to win. Each player will have their own strategy, and it’s fun to see your children learning about honesty and shrewd bargaining. Remember to let your kids read the instructions thoroughly and then keep your eyes peeled, because they will quickly realize there are no friendships across the board in Catan, and their success hinges on your destruction! Don’t try this one unless you plan on getting addicted!

Connect 4 Game

$10 on Amazon

best board games for kids

The highlight of this board game is how easy it’s for kids to learn how to play. And, they also love that it doesn’t take too long to finish a game. So, if you are a busy parent, it can be difficult to juggle all you have to get done and still get quality time with your children. This game is short enough that you can play a few rounds and then let the kids play with each other while you continue your work. 

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

$13.99 on Amazon

best board games for kids

The game play involves color matching, turn-taking, and even builds fine motor control and hand-eye coordination thanks to the use of the little squirrel grabber. No need to feel nervous about playing a board game with your child because the rules couldn't be much simpler. To start, players spin to get a color, put one back if your spin lands on a "robber”. And, you need to get acorns of all 5 colors to win. Yet the game play still feels exciting and with just the right level of competition for smaller kids. On top of that, this game is a great way to practice fine motor skills. So, if you’re on the fence, get this game for your kiddos, you won’t be sorry. This board game is perfect for teaching turn-taking and matching colors.

We hope that you have found the perfect board game to enjoy some quality time with your kids. Playing board games is truly a good way to disconnect from tablets or TV to get the whole family together! Let us know which one is your kid’s favorite in the comments!