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When hunger strikes between meals, it’s tempting to grab a bag of chips or a candy bar. But, you know those high calories foods are not good for your health during pregnancy. In fact, healthy snacks can be made just as quick and easy as opening a bag of chips. Plus, these tasty treats can also provide essential pregnancy nutrients too. Wait no more, here’s our guide to healthy pregnancy snacks for you.

Apple and Cheese

healthy pregnancy snacks _ apple and cheese

We all know that you can literally put cheese on everything to make it taste better, but the only thing that might concern you is the calories. But apple and cheese make a tasty combo that’s healthier than other things you could pair with cheese. Apples are a great source of both insoluble fiber and soluble fiber, which can help lower cholesterol and constipation issues. Furthermore, all of that fiber will surely keep your stomach happy and full until the next meal. Just remember that regular apples tend to have pesticide residue on the skin, so buy organic, or give them a good wash. And, you should choose hard cheese only, because it is the only safe cheese to consume during pregnancy. We recommend a nice sharp cheddar with a crisp apple, like an ambrosia or a granny smith.

Yogurt with Cereal

healthy pregnancy snacks _ yogurt and cereal

Yes, some dietitians recommend eating cereal with yogurt instead of milk, if you like yogurt. It is simply because yogurt is like a better version of milk with high amounts of calcium and protein. Therefore, it makes yogurt become a perfect pregnancy food for moms. Most yogurts contain live active cultures (probiotics), which are believed to enhance digestion and boost the immune system. Choose low-fat or fat-free yogurt if you are worried about the calories. And, keep in mind that both of these products contain sugar, so you might want to choose the sugar-free one or less sugar products.

Baked Potato with Toppers

healthy pregnancy snacks _ baked potatos

This healthy snack will easily ease your craving for chips. They’re not only easy to make but also have way less calories than French fries. On top of that, the potato skin is high in soluble fiber which helps with constipation during pregnancy. Potatoes also have potassium, iron, and other vitamins. Moreover, instead of using butter or sour cream to top your baked potato, try nonfat yogurt and a sprinkle of chives for extra healthiness.


healthy pregnancy snacks _ mango

A bowl of this sweet and soft fruit has just around 100 calories, making it a go-to snack whenever you want something sugary. In fact, most of its calories come from the naturally high sugar content which helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels and prevents you from feeling hungry soon after eating. In addition, you’ll also get fiber along with vitamin A and C from just one cup of mango. 

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

healthy pregnancy snacks _ sweet potato chips

When you are craving something crunchy with a hint of sweetness, these homemade chips might do the trick. Plus, the snack is very easy to make, starting with slicing the sweet potatoes. After that, you should coat it with a pinch of cinnamon, add more sugar if you like, and then put it in the oven. With only a few simple steps like that, we can have a tasty snack with much lower sodium and fat than regular chips. Just remember, this is more of a treat than a regular snack, as it still has a lot of carbs.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Easy to make and high in protein, eggs are a great snack when you’re on the go. While the egg white is rich in protein, the yolk is full of valuable nutrients, including choline, which plays an important role in fetal brain and nervous system development. Plus, it also helps to prevent birth defects during pregnancy. Cook up a batch of eggs, so you can easily grab one whenever you feel hungry between meals. However, always remember to cook it through, soft boiled eggs might taste better but it is not safe for you during pregnancy.

What is better than spoiling yourself with tasty snacks and having no worry about whether it’s good for your health or not. Try our options for healthy pregnancy snacks and let us know your opinion about it in the comments!

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