Morning Routine Tips and Advice

There are some people who are magical early birds and have no issue getting out of bed ready for their day. Unfortunately, most of us are not like that and the same goes for the kids. Establishing a good morning routine for the family can be essential and save you from a lot of meltdowns in the long run. Here we have collected some ideas to keep your morning as peaceful as possible while getting everything done. 

Get your child involved

When putting together your morning routine plan it’s a good idea to get your child involved. Make a checklist of everything you want them to get done in the morning with their help. Make a printable chart out of it or write it on a small whiteboard so they can cross the tasks off in the morning as they are getting ready. When you are finished with the plan go through it with your child the day before you implement it. You can even play it out with a couple of dolls or stuffed animals for practice. 


It’s very important to be consistent with your morning routine. There can be some compromise in the order in which they do the tasks but they should complete them in the same order to make sure they won’t skip any steps. When they are getting dressed get them to do it in the same order for example. 

Waking up

morning routine

Your children are your absolute priority and we get that however, it’s crucial that you spend some time yourself as well. Try to wake up 30 minutes before your kids. This way you should have some time to get ready, take a shower, have a coffee and just have some alone time to relax before the day starts. When you are ready, make sure you have about 5 minutes to cuddle with the kids in bed. This way they learn to associate waking up with something positive first thing in the morning. 


First of all, it’s essential that your child gets enough sleep. Establish a good bedtime routine so they can wake up refreshed and not too moody. The older your child gets the less sleep they will need but ideally, toddlers should sleep at least for 10 hours during the night. 

Get everything ready for them the night before. You want to keep the morning routine as relaxed as possible to avoid frantic packing from your side. It’s a good idea to get everything ready the night before. You can pack lunches together with your child. Give them options from them to choose from. Get them to choose their clothes before bedtime as well. Make sure you limit their options otherwise you might end up with a messy closet in no time. 
Pack their bags and get everything ready for the morning.  Make sure you keep everything always at the same spot so you won’t have to spend valuable time in the morning looking for things. 

Offer choices or reward

Especially if you have a toddler on your hand it’s important to allow them to make their own choices. Make sure you limit their options so you are still in charge. If this doesn’t seem to be motivating enough for your child in the morning an easy reward system can be established. We would recommend trying out praise or a positive outcome as a reward however even that won’t cut it at times. You can try to get some stickers or other collectibles and reward positive behavior throughout the morning. This can be especially helpful if your child likes to drag their heels in the morning and you want to speed things up a bit. 


playing _ morning routine

We understand that not everyone is lucky enough to have extra time in the morning but if it’s possible to try and schedule some playtime before they have to go to daycare or school. You can also play some music throughout your preparations to keep the mood up. It’s good for them to wind down and relax a bit. Get them to connect mornings with something positive and fun. Make sure your child understands how long they are allowed to play for, you can put on a song in the background and tell them to wrap it up when the song ends.


Weekends are a great opportunity to bond and prepare for the week ahead. We understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to spend their entire weekend with their kids. If you can try to sneak in some extra quality time with them. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. You can do some meal prep together for the upcoming week. Make some snacks or just bake some brownies together. You can even use this time to practice parts of their morning routine during this time like getting dressed on their own or using the toilet. Carefully supervise all their steps to make sure they don’t miss anything.

Keep your calm

Mornings can be hectic at times especially if you are running out of time. Keep in mind that if you are frantic your child will quickly pick up on it as well and this can easily result in defiance and meltdowns. Try to keep your cool and don’t be afraid to make some compromises if need be. 

Having a well-practiced and smooth morning routine is the dream of many parents. It might need some trial and error but once you have the basics nailed down it’s only about practice. Make sure if you need to change things up to do it gradually so your child has time to adjust.  Having a solid plan to follow after waking up can be extremely beneficial not just for your child but for you as well. Give them time to learn the routine and be consistent. Remember to schedule some alone time for yourself every day even if it’s just a short period of time.

What’s your morning routine like? Let us know down in the comments!

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